Accounting  jobs



These professions include the functions of general accounting, customer or supplier accountings, invoicing and also management control. Accountings register and check all the invoices from suppliers and customer invoices, the general fees and realise the balance sheet. The department also oversees relations with banks, cash balances and ensures customer and supplier payments.

The management control establishes the budgets, the dashboards and carries out the reporting.  It checks the objective achievment, anticipates forecasts and informs the board members.

Administrative manager

Christelle BARDOT

I’m employee since 1986 in AGRIEST subsidiary as the accounting and invoicing department. In charge of the general accounting and of the cash flow, I draw up monthly dashboards, annual accounts and budget preparation.

My position requires a trusting relationship with the board members and with the company. For that, I’m rigorous in my missions with a strict organization.

I am proud and satisfied with the result in the end of the financial year.

Christelle Bardot