Design office & manufacturing jobs



Our R&D and manufacturing departments are a big competitive element for us. We can benefit from a french quality production of spare parts. Many different skilled operators work to produce specific pieces with professional finitions. The entire manufacturing team is made up of a workshop manager, a scheduling manager, welders, machinists, fitters and painters.
Our R&D is made up of technicians and industrial designers.

Design and methods office technician


With a training in manufacturing and plastics, I joined the AGRIEST team in 2015. My job is to design and industrialize products in line according to the customer needs. I have to assimilate all the constraints and demands of a specific product throught a design brief. Then, I will determine fabrication tools fitting to the production and requirements (according economic and quality criterias) . This will lead to the design phase using CAD software, a digital model of the part will be created as well as its manufacturing plans.

The most interesting part of my job is creation. It is very gratifying to see that our ideas or concepts take shape to become tangible objects.

Design and methods office technician