Digital jobs



Digitalization arrived in STERENN group since many year and continued to develop. Indeed, from our websites to the diversity of the online branding, digital marketing covers many methods and contents driven by different web and marketing actors.

The STERENN Group digital department is composed by different jobs such as web/front developers, web project manager, web animator, e-commerce & web communication manager or digital marketing manager

E-commerce and web communication manager


Arrived in the Group in 2021, my job is to manage e-commerce activity and the digital communication of the Group. My missions are made of digital, marketing, communication and business; with a customer approach. From online sales strategy to customer loyalty, from the customer journey to e-merchandising, from webmarketing actions to the performance driving. I also participate in the definition and development of new projects in order to help to the digital transformation of the Group. To carry out my missions, I must always supervise a marketing and technological competitive intelligence in order to provide new solutions.

The collaboration with the wholes departments in the Group makes my job interactive, rich and especially exciting.