Marketing jobs



The marketing department is an essential branch for our group development. It is a market analyser in terms of products, services, competitors and global environment. It defines the products, the prices, the services offer and the brand positionning.

In collaboration with the sales department, they create a communication plan divided according to our different markets.

Marketing includes different jobs, with many missions, such as Product Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing Assistant.

Products manager

Thierry JAM

I joined FOURNIAL company in 1998 as a product manager. Then, I run the PAO department with a new product dabase software to drive. With my team, we are always in collaboration with product managers to integrate, organise and present the products (details, pictures, videos, technical files, drawings) on the database software called PIM. We also try to improve our exisiting product details to give the best information to our customers. The PIM database is suplying our website publications and our PAO softwares in the same time.


I like the different missions and products to complete, the collaboration with other departments: Marketing and digital.

Thierry JAM